About Me

My name is Dorina Dinnyesi, I am 38 years old and I am also a mum of a baby girl called Sophia, born in November 2017.

I have been working in the childcare sector for over 16 years now. I spent 11 years working as a full-time

sole-charge nanny in London for some wonderful families. I have gained tremendous experience working with children. I truly enjoyed these years and I feel extremely lucky to be able to do what I absolutely love.  I think this passion runs in my family as my mother worked as a nursery teacher for over 40 years. She has recently retired and now just encouraging me to fulfil my dreams.

My Dream is tofurther my profession and use all my skills and my love of teaching in a 'home based nursery'. So I decided to become a childminder and work from my home and createPrecious Little Minds.

Why do I enjoy working with children? 

It is a very good and also important question and my answer is simple and genuine.

Since I was a teenager I enjoyed visiting my working mum at the nursery. It became a regular habit of mine for many years and then I realized the children and I talked the 'same language'. They enjoyed my company so much and were always paying attention to whatever I was doing and showing huge interest. So I started educating them in a fun way.

This is when I say you can have all the qualification in the world but if you have no enthusiasm in what you do then you will never succeed.

I enjoy spending time with children, educate them every minute, play with them, joke with them and help them progress and grow into a confident, independent and very well-mannered individuals.

I always have higher expectations from children and therefore in my care we together achieve better progress, by constantly praising, encouraging them and giving them challenging activities.

I have excellent references/reviews from families who used my childcare services in the past. 

These will be emailed to you on request.

I have various experiences with children from birth to 5 years, including twins and children with special needs (Down Syndrome).

About my Assistants

It is my aim and full responsibility to employ suitable people as my assistants.

Childminder Assistant  Jessyca Rates

Jessyca is very enthusiastic when working with children. She enjoys playing with them and she also uses every opportunity to teach them something new. 

Jessyca is First Aid trained and DBS checked. She also has several years of childcare experience as a nursery teacher. 

I provide my assistants the opportunity to attend further trainings throughout the years ahead.

About Our Setting

I live in a small and quiet street in Hammersmith and Fulham only a

street away from the Fulham Palace Road and Lillie Road junction.

My flat consists of 4 rooms, 3 of them are beautiful playrooms.

In the children's area all furniture and equipment have been

carefully selected to ensure the safety of all children.

For outdoor activities we take the children to the local parks

on adaily basis. There  is an age appropriate playground

for under 5's just across our street.

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